„In the United States, Black and Latinix families are disproportionately dying due to COVID-19. They are more likely to work on the frontlines and get sick, more likely to have food-related diseases due to a nutrient-deficient diet, and less likely to have access to timely healthcare to survive COVID-19.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/shaynaharris/2020/07/09/more-people-may-die-from-hunger-than-from-the-coronavirus-this-year-says-aid-group-oxfam/#3703de7268f4

“Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben deserve retirement. They’re racist myths of happy Black servitude.” The mascots were intended to let white consumers indulge in a fantasy of enslaved people as submissive, self-effacing, loyal and contentedly pacified.

Time has come for some US food companies to take a long, hard look at their mascots, logos, packaging and names and acknowledged their racist roots. These corporations have long been criticized for perpetuating racial stereotypes in their brand identities such as “Uncle Ben’s”, “Aunt Jemima” or “Cream of Wheat”, yet until 2020 little has […]

Eating, in fact, serves not only to maintain the biological machinery of the body, but to make concrete one of the specific modes of relation between a person and the world, thus forming one of the fundamental landmarks in space-time. Michel De Certeau et al, The Practice of Everyday Life